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Company SIRET number

Find a company's SIRET number
With Kompass :
A directory including 5 million companies
All activities referenced
A daily business partner

What is a SIRET number?

The SIRET ('business establishment directory identification system') number is a unique identifier assigned to each business establishment. The SIRET system was created in 1973 and registration is compulsory.

It makes it simple for the government to deal with businesses. The SIRET is a 14-digit number assigned by INSEE (the national institute for economic research and statistics) as soon as a business establishment is created.

The first 9 digits are the company's SIREN ('business directory identification system') number. The last 5 comprise the NIC ('internal classification number').

The NIC is composed of 4 digits that distinguish the sites of a given company in sequential order and a final check digit to confirm the validity of the SIRET code.

How can you find a company's SIRET number?

The Kompass business directory contains over 5 million companies.

You can easily find the SIRET numbers for your prospects, customers and suppliers with the Kompass business directory! Consider using it to update your SIRET data: each year, nearly 15% of companies have SIRET changes due to moves, mergers, business closure or change in management.

Find a company's SIRET number