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TME exhibit at first-ever H&C EXPO at Celtic Manor on 17-18 July 2018. See us on Stand 60. Free registration is now open
MD, Tom Sensier:   “We are proud to be at the first-ever H&C EXPO, showing our innovative MM7000-2D, the next big step in smart temperature data capture, helping to make your connected kitchen a reality.”  

H&C EXPO is a great opportunity for TME to showcase its innovative   MM7000-2D   Barcode Scanning Thermometer to leading names in the hotels, restaurants, catering, hospitals and education space. We will arrive in style with our vintage display campervan all kitted out with the latest innovations in temperature technology.  
About H&C EXPO  
This new event focusses on how we can all play a part in safeguarding the future of our sector. We know we live      in uncertain times but we also know how resilient and innovative our industry can be.  
H&C EXPO has been developed by speaking to the industry to see what it wants from its future, resulting in an exciting programme that explores what’s new and current in the industry and how we can shape what lies ahead. We will be using the event as an opportunity to contribute to this debate and to showcase our innovative range of catering thermometers, data loggers and probes.    
It’s free to attend by registering here.  

About the MM7000-2D  
TME’s second generation Barcode Scanning Thermometer is the next big step in temperature recording, now with 1D & 2D barcode scanning for enhanced product/location data capture, and housed in a new waterproof case. A compact, hand-held device delivering an all-in-one paperless solution, and compatible with a wide range of temperature probes suitable for all industries.  

Key Features  
Scans 1D&2D barcodes from paper, plastic cards, mobile phones, LCD displays.  
•      Compact, IP65 waterproof case with protective rubber boot for hard-working environments.  
•      Large clear LCD temperature display, also showing visual alarms and corrective action prompts.  
•      Mobile storage of up to 1,000 readings with a choice of Bluetooth or USB data upload.  
•      FREE software for exporting data (CSV/Excel), translating barcodes and assigning alarms. 
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 سنكون في معرض دبي 5-7 / 03 / 2019

أكت 2 2018

Participate in an event

سنكون في معرض دبي 5-7 / 03 / 2019

Location: مركز مدينة دبي / الإمارات العربية المتحدة

-سوف تشارك شركتنا من أجل التأكيد على ريادتها في الأسواق العالمية في مجال آلات "Rotary Punch" ذات الأبعاد الواسعة، في معرض دبي بين تاريخي 5-7 / 03 / 2019.
 مشاركة شركتنا في معرض دبي 2019:

سوف يتم تقديم عروض مفصلة لزبائننا ضمن معرضنا في مجالات خطوط إنتاج مجاري الكابلات وآلات "Rotary Punch".
وفي مجال أنظمة الضغط المتسلسل المطور من أجل إنتاج وحدات التحكم الجدارية.
وفي مجال أنظمة الضغط المتسلسل المطور من أجل إنتاج أنظمة تعليق المسارات المثقوبة،
بالإضافة إلى العديد من المنتجات الجديدة ضمن المنصة العائدة إلينا ذات الرقم H7-F14 ضمن المعرض. 

ننتظر جميع زبائننا.
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Participation in KOPLAS

مار 12 2019

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Participation in KOPLAS



1. Schedule: From 12 to 16, MAR. 2019
2. Location: Hall 4, 5, KINTEX, Goyang-si in KOREA
3. Booth number of AETP: P103
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Radisson Blu adopt MM7000 Combined Temperature Monitoring System
Upscale hotel chain Radisson Blu, has rolled out TME’s MM7000 Combined Temperature Monitoring System at 12 of its London hotel restaurants.
“Now we can track all temperatures from one location: daily spot checks and 24 hour monitoring. All records feed into one system so it’s much easier to keep on top of everything,” says Radisson Blu Central Maintenance Manager, Imtaiz Ahamed. “We can resolve food safety issues more efficiently too; alarms in each kitchen ensure chefs knows immediately when there’s a problem - like a fridge door left open - plus we get text warnings off-site so staff can be alerted remotely too.”

MD, Tom Sensier: “Our paperless system records not only the date and time of every temperature test but also the exact identity and location - whatever and wherever it is. Pair this with a powerful network of radio transmitters and fixed sensors and you have the ultimate in temperature due diligence.”

Imagine instantly recording the temperature of everything in your kitchen: fridges, freezers, ovens, food deliveries - even an individual burger or plated meal - all in a flash: no need to write anything down or key in data, just scan a barcode and move on. Add to this, the knowledge you will receive instant alerts to out of temperature events across multiple sites, and you begin to see the potential.
The MM7000 System offers integrated paperless spot checks AND 24 hour monitoring, pairing handheld barcode scanning thermometers with fixed wireless radio monitors. Results are tracked remotely across a number of sites, with problem temperatures communicated via Bluetooth or radio signal both on-site and off-site via on-screen prompts, audio visual alarms, text and email.

How does the system compare?
Other paperless recorders still rely on screen input, increasing time, cost and the potential for human error. Plus their pre-set menus don’t offer the flexibility of personalised barcodes. Barcodes are universal, free and easy to produce, and can include high/low alarms and onscreen prompts. Unlike others, TME’s MM7000 Bluetooth Barcode thermometers also record with or without Wi-Fi connection.

What about versatility?
Open source software and compatibility with commonly used office database systems makes the system easy to manage and integrate. Its modular approach, involving interchangeable temperature probes, is suitable for all commercial kitchen applications – from sous vide cooking and regeneration to cold store monitoring and goods-in.

Is the system affordable?
Depending on operation size, costs per site can be as low as £450 for a fully integrated system.

Want to know more?

Want TME to contact you with more information?
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نوف 13 2018

Press release





数据项    企业数量(家)
电话号码    81'5198
传真号码    36'4745
电邮               2139
网址          19'7530

省名                企业数量(家)
艾伯塔省                   11'9556
不列颠哥伦比亚省     14'9993
马尼托巴省                 3'0495
新不伦瑞克省             2'5798
纽芬兰和拉布拉多      1'0525
新斯科舍省                2'5320
西北地区                      1331
努纳武特地区                   78
安大略                     40'3002
爱德华王子岛               3510
魁北克                     27'7655
萨斯喀彻温省             2'8579
育空地区                       1573

主要行业分布-康帕斯2位码                 企业数量(家)
81 - 一般贸易商,百货店和零售商店            30'4327
80 - 商业服务                                              11'0666
23 - 卫生,医疗和制药                                  9'7729
78 - 住宿、旅游、酒店和餐饮服务业              8'1650
71 - 建筑工业                                                7'2832
82 - 金融和保险服务                                      4'7194
88 - 社会护理,个人服务                               4'2916
86 - 教育和培训                                             3'6141
66 - 运输设备                                                3'4152
75 - 运输和物流服务                                      3'0922


手机/微信:135 209 85 191
传真:010 6424 8806
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إنتاج القطن/الرجال السراويل ليكرا
Production of lycra cotton washed men's trousers / pants in Istanbul Turkey.
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مصنعنا الجديد

أغس 31 2018

New office opening

مصنعنا الجديد


Location: 35665 Izmir-TURKEY

.سيستمر الإنتاج في المصنع الجديد الذي تبلغ مساحته 7000 متر مربع
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Tekstil Konfeksiyon yan ürün tedariğinde 10. yılını kutlayan EGEFER TEKSTİL İÇ VE DIŞ TİCARET LTD.ŞTİ bölgesindeki liderliğinin yanı sıra, büyük projelere imza atarak ulusal ve uluslararası piyasada önde olmayı ilke edinmiştir.
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الرقمية القمصان المطبوعة على % 97 من القطن بنسبة 3% ليكرا الأقمشة
We can print your patterns on fabrics and produce shirts for your label.....
% 97 cotton % 3 lycra fabrics...
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